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...but I do like to point out that Julius Caesar could believe batty things as well as the next Roman. For some obscure reason he believed that elks have no joints in their legs. This means that they have to stand all the time, because once they're down they can never get up. As a result they can only sleep standing up - and this is how you catch them. You sneak up on one as its sleeping, knock it over (I guess this is the ancient equivalent of cow-tipping) and it's powerless!
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This evening I went to a screening of Julius Caesar, a 1914 Italian film. It was quite fun except that it has left me with a strong desire to communicate by pointing at people. Preferably in profile, which appears to be more effective and moving.

Also silly Pompey's soldiers did not chuck away their armour as they ran. Seriously, if I was ever in battle in the ancient world and running for my life, tossing away the heavy equipment would be the first thing I would do. If it was good enough for Archilochus and Horace, it should be good enough for me.

ETA: Also all the women were quite burly and the Gaulish women had terrible bras, which probably says something about Italy in the 1910s. I am not sure what, but it must be important on some level. And Vercingetorix looked exactly like the chief in Asterix, with a lovely moustache and pigtails to die for.

Tomorrow I am off for second day of conference to the new Getty in Malibu, which I am very much looking forward to. I haven't ever been there as it's been in wraps since I came to LA.


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