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It was FOUR AM before I went to sleep last night. This seems wrong! Thankfully I don't have to get up too early but still that's crazy hours!


1. I finished several books amongst whom was the marvelleous To Say Nothing of the Dog by Connie Willis. Someone on my flist recommended this to me and all I can say is thank you. It's part time travel adventure, part homage to horrendous Victorian art, and also to the Edwardian era and the world of Jerome K. Jerome. Even at 3 in the morning as I moped about getting no sleep and looking like death's unattractive relative when I rose, it still entertained.

2. I finished season 1 of The Young Riders in which clich├ęs were shamelessly used at about the rate of four a minute. We're up to people making comments about the Civil War which is a'coming folks and will force BROTHER TO FIGHT AGAINST BROTHER and FREEDOMS TO BE CURTAILED and INNOCENCE LOST and who knows what else.

3. Still haven't finished The Little Fairy. This weekend its hour will come. Or, rather, hours. Plus I also have the first disc of Wolf's Rain. I have never really watched anime before so I hope that's a good starter one. If I am really traumatized I plan on blaming [livejournal.com profile] meganbmoore

4. I also finished two more Blood Ties books. Including the one where Henry gets locked in a box by Zombies. I enjoyed him being generally useless in that one. Though it still didn't dent his self-confidence any. I think what is most annoying is that he thinks about himself in capitals: standard Henry reflection seems to go like 'I am Vampire. Nightwalker. Prince. Leader of Men. ETC.'

5. I have finished teaching and am getting excited about going home for Christmas. Yay! For Christmas in Ireland. Let's hope this year my sister and I don't find any more mad stray dogs who proceed to fall in the Liffey.
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I feel a bit horrified to admit this (and yet I will admit it, because apparently I have no SHAME): I have been reading cracktastic novels with vampires in them. I don't even really find vampires that sexy but apparently I will still read about them. It all goes back to Stairway to Heaven; I think it broke my brain what with its amnesiac heroine who got cancer from a car crash caused by her evil step-sister trying to kill her and who was, to top it off, hotly pursued by her stepbrother. And they made her blind at one point. Good times.

But back to the vampires. Based on [livejournal.com profile] meganbmoore's celebration of its cracktasticness and a friend in RL burbling on about it when I described the cover and then falling into that awful silence that says clearly 'I have admitted far too much about the crap I read,' I decided to give Lover Eternal a go. It has a guy who is cursed with an 8 foot dragon that pops out of him! A lusty band of sort of brother vampires who go around being hyper manly! And other things that deserve exclamation points!

cut to save both those who care about vampire novel spoilers and also for those of delicate sensibilities )

I also, thanks to some nifty insomnia, read the first two Blood Ties books.

I don't like flashbacks )
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I'd seen tonight's Torchwood so I decided to watch Moonlight. Well, it's improved but it still reminds me of the cheesy bits of Forever Knight. Though they do stick the star in tighter pants as an effort to sell the show. I don't really have a problem with that because I am not at all classy.

Cut for spoilers for latest Moonlight )

I also have been watching Blood Ties which I am very much in love with (I just ordered all the books). But I very much prefer Mike over Henry. I know: Henry is the glamorous vampire, bastard son of Henry VIII, doomed to eternal night, etc. but still I prefer Mick. He's so earnest and I fear doomed to lose Vicki to Henry.

I love Vicki unreasonably though I feel that she is a little unfair about Mike and rather willing to overlook Henry's chequered past. You would think that she would be unhappy about the deaths, being a homicide cop and all. Though I like that they've sold this as loyalty to a partner. Though I think it would be more in character for her to be a bit more freaked about this.

Tomorrow I am off to see Om Shanti Om. Shahrukh Khan, baby. Sadly, this is my most anticipated film of the year.

ETA: Today I also went to a talk on Manga. It was very interesting and had some gorgeous images from old Manga artists. Plus the speaker was a very charming academic who had once been invited to judge a Cosplay competition in South America because of her research.

Plus I didn't know that the first person to use the word 'Manga' was the artist of '36 Views of Mount Fuji.'
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Why can't you download tv shows from itunes in Canada? Don't worry, I wasn't planning on doing it but I wondered what they had and discovered that the answer is - nothing.

And in other news: Blood Ties is quite good. I really like the female private detective. Are the books any good?


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