Apr. 3rd, 2006

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I've recently bought some William Hartnell episodes as he's not a Doctor I've seen much of. Hmmm. Behind the cut is a massively biased review of Hartnell as the first doctor.

If you're a huge fan and wondering if you should click, I'll say it outright, I don't think he's very good, though he does have an excellent set of credits and some fine lapel holding moves. More blasphemy about the first doctor is behind the cut! (Along with non dial-up friendly pictures)

Click here for blasphemy )
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As I am on break and don't actually want to do the work that I should be doing I decided to clean and empty out the rubbish in my office

So far I have found:
1. Two unauthorized credit cards. I am a bit embarrassed by these as I'd forgotten I even had a Macy's card. Must cancel that tomorrow. Also the Ann Taylor Card
2. Unexplained technology. Several bits of it which I am throwing in the bin as I cannot bear to think what they might be from and the amount of dust on them suggests that they have not been necessary for the past 10 months or so and thus must not be essential
3. An old passport
4. Several dodgy DVDs including a Tom Jones one. How did I ever end up with that? I don't recall buying it at all. Also one disc of Verdi's Ballo un Maschera. No idea where the case and the other disc is.
5. Tiny Davros figure
6. 4 chapsticks
7. A bunch of markers that I recall accidentally shoplifting from Office Depot (they were in something I bought)
8. A tape of 'Enlightenment' featuring the fifth doctor.


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