Jul. 22nd, 2006

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So today is day 6 of my quitting smoking.  So far I have not fallen by the wayside, but I have managed to acquire a hacking cough which makes me sound like an ill-mannered consumptive and a very sort throat. It seems very unfair that I have give up the source of so much pleasure and ill-health only to be rewarded by this!  This is probably some very valuable sort of lesson for everyone, but I am not sure what sort.  

I am most impressed that I did not even smoke last night while at Tom Jones concert despite being with friend who did. Maybe it was the amazingness of the concert that did it, as Tom Jones was great.  There was some sort of band to open but I can't remember who they were as I wasn't really there for them.  I was there for Tom and his glorious twizzling body. Mind you, he has slowed down a fair bit (the trousers they are not so tight) and he did not sing 'Sexbomb' which made me sad. Instead we got Prince song as an encore. And no one threw their knickers.  I would have brought some to chuck but sadly we were too far away and I would have hit some innocent bystander on the head with me undies.

And now a tiny snippet about the finale of Doctor Who Season 2


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