Aug. 4th, 2006

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Some recent lj posts about Davison and the Fifth Doctor has made me realise that words cannot express how much I want this on DVD. It really is one of my favourite Who stories, despite the Black Guardian's unfortunate taste in head gear (he wears what looks like a hollowed out pigeon on his head. As he's evil, it's a black pigeon.

I have it on tape (which I am terrified will break one day) but it's not the same. I want commentary dammit! I want nice images and extras and all the other stuff. Why is there so little of Davison's Doctor on DVD? Is it because the BBC hates me?
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On [ profile] dangermousie's recommendation I am now watching the Taiwanese mini-series 'Tokyo Juliet' about skullduggery and high fashion. It's quite fun, but I do think the heroine (Sui) might be quite bonkers as played. She's fixated on conquering a particular fashion designer because he stole a design from her when she was five. Okay, so it is also connected to him running off with her mum, but that's a hell of a long time to hold a grudge.

There is a terribly pretty hero (Liang) who likes to wear his shirts very unbuttoned and hang around with boys. But he is apparently not gay because he has it bad for Sui without much explanation (though she is very pretty too and hates the same fashion designer he does).

And there is evil fashion designer, Chi, he of the stolen design which he used as a foundation for his collection. He looks evil, even if I can't quite get riled up over the use of a five year old's drawing as inspiration like I am apparently supposed to.

But the two leads are very cute and it looks very fun even if it is not Mars (or Silence, but that one is not subtitled past episode 2 so I cannot really watch).

ETA: Well we've got an explanation for the love: Liang loves Sui because when she was a little girl because she gave him the one happy memory of his childhood. This is all very romantic and sad and as she ran away when he confessed this to her, not all that promising. And no man should be as pretty as Liang. I thought Ling in Mars was pretty, but this is on some new scale of male prettiness as yet uncharted.


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