May. 6th, 2007

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I am engrossed in Pride at the moment, but taking some time out to watch Mawang (The Devil) a Korean drama recommended by [ profile] alexandral who did a lovely picspam on it in her journal. Click here and scroll down for lovely, atmospheric pictures.

I'm only on the first episode but it has a lovely creepy feel to it, which is appropriate for a show about a serial killer. I haven't seen too many Korean dramas since I was a bit disappointed by Winter Sonata (which my local Asian TV station was playing) and by some of the others I've seen. I don't know...they all seemed to be shot on videotape and looked rather cheap. Of course, there were some issues with some of the subs I had for some of the ones I bought on Ebay as well. But this one is lushly shot and looks very sleek and disturbing. But I don't know when I will have time to watch it and all the other doramas I now want to see.

As for Pride I quite love it. Cut for spoilers )

The Tudors

May. 6th, 2007 08:51 pm
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Ranty mcrant below cut - spoilers for the trailer for the last three episodes. But they're history, so I am not sure that counts. Look, we all know how this will end, so who are we fooling?

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