Oct. 9th, 2007

Baby Names

Oct. 9th, 2007 07:26 pm
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I am not planning on using these but I stumbled across a site that had a list of various names and their popularities over the time and, o
f course, I ended up spending hours there. It was very exciting seeing what names children have been inflicted with in great numbers over the 20th century:

Numerous cruelties in the form of names inflicted on helpless children )
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...this is the kdrama for you.

Right now the heroine, having dumped her playboy suitor because she found out that he was only chasing her to win a bet (he was in the beginning but then he fell in love), is trying to seduce a Korean who works as a top Japanese policeman, because this will help the cause of an independent Korea. And she is so bad at it that her strategy was obviously shadowing him and then thrusting these tickets for a film at him while shouting an invitation to a date. It was the least seductiony seduction I've ever seen. And then, although he is interested in her, he refused because he can't work out why she would care for him because she's been insulting him all along for working for the Japanese. And now the heroine, her mother, seduction target, and playboy suitor are having the most awkward dinner in the world.

It is quite excellent especially as heroine's handler is a geisha who can't really work out why the heroine would have problems on the seduction front even though she is of deep Victorian sensibilities.

Plus the clothes are great.

ETA: WTF? The heroine is arrested and tortured? And neither of the guys can do anything about it?


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