May. 28th, 2011

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Man, it's a cornucopia of minor stars! Robert Beltran! That guy who was in Kindred as the cop! And other people! And it is funny to look at them deal with the beginnings of computers and viruses and such. I bet when I watched this I thought it was all so cutting edge instead of wondering why they fight each other for payphones.

ETA: WILLY THE NIGHTWATCHMAN OF THE DAILY PLANET! HOW COULD YOU TURN OUT TO BE EVIL????? And how could I have forgotten about the episode with the two Supermen? HOWWWWWWW??????

ETA 2: SHRIEKING MANPAIN. SUPERMAN'S SHRIEKING MANPAIN!!!! You know me - shrieking manpain is like delicious liquor to me. Like the nectar of the gods, but thankfully easier to find.
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Apparently there are things that are too awful for even me: to wit, 21 Jump Street, the first season. 10 minutes into it and I just couldn't. That was an entirely new feelng, and not one I am sure that I like.

Hey! Season 2 of Lois and Clark has a guy who I think was an elf in some terrible film. Maybe the Dungeons and Dragons film. This is a total cornucopia of Hey! It's that guy! OMG, NEW POSSIBLY ELF GUY IS THE NEW JIMMY! WHAT WAS WRONG WITH THE OLD ONE????

ETA 1: No more Tracy Scoggins? And now someone whom I am pretty sure was on Dynasty? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS??????

ETA 2: They just got email. It's so cute! I mean, I remember when I first got email (hey, I remember DOS days too, for I am very old), but I don't think it was that cute.

ETA 3: Season two of L&C has no Lex Luthor. Or only one episode. This makes me very sad. Superman isn't Superman without Lex Luthor.


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