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Tag underneath story about Charlize Theron in The Guardian: "CT hasn't let her astonishing beauty stand in her way." I, for one, am glad that she has struggled so hard so that beautiful people everywhere can end their oppression and suffering. And no, I am not reading the story and I don't care if it's about her saving baby seals and ending world hunger.

ETA: This reminds me of when the NY Times magazine did a story on how much Sofia Coppola had suffered because people just wouldn't take her seriously because she had such famous relations. We should all have such suffering. This led to an intensely hilarious letter which said something like "Sofia Coppola is an example to young people the world over for showing how you can achieve success although burdened with wealth, connections, and opportunities."
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I find those magazine cover stories about celebrity marriages really, really funny. You know the ones I mean, where they have headlines like 'How Sexy Star x keeps their marriage fresh and exciting' after 'Sexy Star X' has been married for all of one year. Because keeping the magic alive for 12 whole months is an achievement to to celebrated! But my particular love is for those ones that interview a star, talk about their deep and obvious love for their partner (usually with a comment like 'I felt like I was intruding on something so special that it should be surrounded with unicorns and rainbows and put in the constitution of 12 countries so true was their totally awesome love for each other') that hit the world either shortly before or at the same time as the announcement of their break up. I know one should not get entertainment out of other people's misery but I can't help but find it massively giggle-inducing. And you know that after this crushing experience they will go on to say the same things/have the same cover story about the next person who will also be the love of ages.

I also enjoy it when reviewers clearly hate the film they are forced to sit through. Like Peter Bradshaw's vitriolic review of Wanted in today's Guardian "You could gargle bitumen and bin-juice for half an hour, and it couldn't leave a nastier taste in your mouth than this macho action thriller about a secret fraternity of assassin" is only his opening salvo.

I'm off to kick some puppies now, I think.


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