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'Hello this boy of yours why do in Great Britain that is easy.'

Context: aunt berating her nephew for running out on his partner and child and planning on marrying Rich Girl as soon as possible.

Followed by 'kindness mother prop up intelligently.'

The meanings of both of these are deliciously unintelligible. Shall I tell you a shameful secret? Sometimes I enjoy not having a clue what is going on as it makes everything so remarkably unexpected.

The lead, though, while a complete and utter bastard who should be nibbled to death by rats, is rather attractive. However, sadly he is one of those emo bastards who does terrible things and then mopes about it afterwards.
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This, according to the back of the box, is the plot of the Taiwanese drama Heaven's Wedding Gown.

Aiqing saves the enough money with great difficulty, arrives in dream Paris, was simply happy extremely. While this, sub-white also accepts the international fashion big prize in Paris, the laurel crown prize. Two people simultaneously had a liking for a small wooden horse in an individual artistic shop quarrelling, finally under the shop owner's tacitly consenting to, Aiqing obtained the wooden horse. The airport and machine on meeting by chance, two people do not have the favorable impression to each other, will rejoice later not to be able again to meet, but unexpectedly two persons of lives.

That's nothing: paragraph two is where it really goes off the rails into surrealist territory. )

This is the DVD that managed to subtitle English with entirely different and unintelligible English. I think I gave up by episode 2 because I had no idea what anyone was supposed to be saying.


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