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Clearly someone decided that vampires were to be included in everything now written and of easy reading consumption. With the exception of Dracula, a book which still manages to creep me out when I reread it, I'm not that interested in vampires. But still as a villain I think they're an excellent idea: they look human, should have something in connection with us, but they are predators which upsets all the notions of our own superiority and status on the food chain.

Anyway so far my total of vampire reading includes J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood series (so bad but somehow I can't stop reading them no matter how dreadful they are), Tanya Huff's Blood Ties, Charlaine Harris' Dead Until Dark, and Robin McKinley's Sunshine. Leaving aside Ward, because I frequently try to pretend I've never read them, I feel compelled to rant a bit about Huff and Harris. But not McKinley, because that book was awesome.

The thing is that in most of these vampire stories there comes a point where the heroine asks the vampire if they killed people and they say yes. I feel very strongly that if you are a normal human being your reaction to someone telling you they have killed people should be more than a shrug of the shoulders. Normal people in the world these books are being marketed to don't kill people. And they don't eat people. Yes, people kill people in war and in other circumstances but those are marked off as (hopefuly) abnormal circumstances. So unless you are part of a different world or somehow have issues then you should be not that, er, sanguine about that confession. AND I JUDGE YOU HARSHLY IF YOU ROLL WITH IT. Plus, how stupid are you that the next thought that crosses your mind is not 'Hmmm. If he ate other people, maybe he might eat me?' Really stupid, that's what.

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ETA: Oh god, how could I forget! I also read Twilight. Well, as much of it as I could get through but vampires who want to repeat high school and sparkle are not really my cup of tea.
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I feel a bit horrified to admit this (and yet I will admit it, because apparently I have no SHAME): I have been reading cracktastic novels with vampires in them. I don't even really find vampires that sexy but apparently I will still read about them. It all goes back to Stairway to Heaven; I think it broke my brain what with its amnesiac heroine who got cancer from a car crash caused by her evil step-sister trying to kill her and who was, to top it off, hotly pursued by her stepbrother. And they made her blind at one point. Good times.

But back to the vampires. Based on [livejournal.com profile] meganbmoore's celebration of its cracktasticness and a friend in RL burbling on about it when I described the cover and then falling into that awful silence that says clearly 'I have admitted far too much about the crap I read,' I decided to give Lover Eternal a go. It has a guy who is cursed with an 8 foot dragon that pops out of him! A lusty band of sort of brother vampires who go around being hyper manly! And other things that deserve exclamation points!

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I also, thanks to some nifty insomnia, read the first two Blood Ties books.

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